We collect high quality business apparel from professional firms located in Toronto and provide students the opportunity to purchase these items at affordable prices. Proceeds are then donated to Unity Charity, which invests in at-risk youth in Toronto.

Who we are

Suits U is a unique member of the U of T club community, and a remarkable organization even beyond U of T’s borders. Suits U has a simple mandate, a small group of highly motivated students from a diverse background dedicated to helping other students build confidence and dress well in a professional setting at an affordable price. Suits U believes in a simple philosophy: when you look good, you feel good. With various branches of the organization which can challenge students in different ways, students develop real world skills which increase their employability and promote independent and creative problem-solving skills. For example, members of the Business Development team discover new ways of initiating effective outreach, the Marketing department attains a unique talent to promote events, and a student in the Operations department may improve organizational and communication proficiency. Even U of T students outside the club benefit greatly from Suits U’s mandate. Students outside of the club are a vital part of Dress to Impress, the semi-annual clothing sale where students can purchase professional attire at incredible prices. The U of T community at large also benefits from other Suits U initiatives such as professional developments events, focusing on networking, public speaking, and resume building. Lastly, Suits U’s impact extends beyond the borders of U of T by donating its proceeds to help at risk youth have access to after school programming. No other club at U of T provides such a comprehensive and positive impact on such a large number of people. Members of Suits U gain valuable real world skills, the U of T community benefits by having access to affordable professional attire, and our larger community in the GTA receives quality after school programming where youth gain valuable life skills. The mandate to build confidence and dress well is achieved while promoting skills that will last a lifetime.

Our Departments

Suits U is a volunteer based non-profit organization. We rely on the dedication of a small group of motivated people. If you would like to join, please read about our team blow, and apply under Join Our Team.

Suits U is structured with five departments, each working independently but cooperatively. Teams meet weekly either in person or by video chat and members volunteer an average of three to five hours of work per week including the one hour meeting.

Business Development - liaise with external organizations to collect donations and build relationships with our partners to run successful programming

Finance - apply for grants and funding opportunities, submit club expense reports, liaise with Student life & university administration to coordinate official club status

Logistics - coordinate and manage physical inventory of donations and products, facilitate effective product inventory measurement

Marketing - develop on brand social and physical media to promote Suits U both for students and our donors

Operations - orchestrate successful sales events by coordinating with vendors, facilities managers, and moving companies




Instagram: @suitsu_uoft